Enterprise Architecture

This artifact is not so much a template as an example of how to develop and implement an Enterprise Architecture.  This reflects work I created approximately fifteen years ago with several specific goals in mind.  The first was to implement a consistent mechanism for managing IT investments across a dynamic, rapid growth business environment.  Secondly, I wanted to develop the site in such a way that maintaining its content would be relatively straightforward, primarily leveraging network file storage to reference standards and guidelines.  Finally, I wanted to ensure a visual metaphor that would be salient to business and IT stakeholders and impress upon them the solid foundation an Enterprise Architecture provides.

There is a high emphasis on aligning technology processes and the overall architecture with business goals and strategies.  It has very much of a Zachman Framework feel which I was very influenced by at the time.   The entire site emphasizes the importance of aligning IT with Business Goals and priorities which since it was developed before the PMP and ITIL shows some of the prescience that the framework provides.

This is a complete website which was designed to allow easy navigation of important IS reference material with a minimum of maintenance and support.  Documentation is included on both the Java applets used for mouseovers on images and the menu applet within the site.  The rest of the material consists of templates and examples which could be of considerable value to someone responsible for managing the creation of a similar set of material.  This artifact is probably more relevant for someone managing IT assets and resources across a medium sized organization (500 – 5,000 users).