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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management techniques, guidance, and observations.

EXIN Agile Scrum Master certification

Recently EXIN introduced a new Agile certification called the Agile Scrum Master or ASM. I had an opportunity to take the exam and wanted to share my experiences for others considering it.

Net Neutrality and Agile

As some of you might be aware, there is an effort to severely restrict internet access by major ISPs like Comcast, ATT and Verizon for non-profit, small businesses and consumers. I've started a petition to challenge this approach and I'd like to encourage people to sign it.

Agile Robots

I recently became a coach for the First Lego League, a competition that challenges teams of children, 9-13 in age, to design and build robots to solve real world problems. What's been fascinating about this experience is how Agile techniques end up being the most effective way for teams to succeed.

All I really need to know about Agile I learned in Boy Scouts

A Boy Scout troop offers some of the best examples of how to effectively apply Agile techniques and they're a great example of what are future leaders will be applying.

PMBOK 5th Edition: Happy Co-Existence with Agile Attained?

I've recently been teaching PMP Certification classes and spending a lot of time with new 5th Edition of the PMBOK. With this release, PMP and Agile Project Management appear to be finally aligning.

Watermelon projects: Avoiding Green projects that are all Red inside

If you?ve been in project management for awhile you?ve seen a watermelon project. All of its status indicators are green but under the covers the project is red. There are a number of reasons this occurs but Agile practices are one of the more effective ways to avoid this situation.

PMI ACP Exam Details

I recently took the PMI ACP Exam and have an opportunity to share some early feedback on the exam and its content.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Overview

The Project Management Institute recently released their new Agile certification called the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) and I'll be taking my exam later today. This post will discuss the exam in some more detail and what's involved in getting your ACP certification.

Playing at Agile Innovation

Most agile practioners are familiar with lightweight, interactive techniques like Planning Poker to estimate and prioritize project activities. Innovation Games are a collection of similar techniques that provide more tools to project managers in these critical areas.

Agile 2010 Presentation

For those of you attending Agile 2010 in Orlando, Florida I'll be presenting on Accelerating Enterprise Agile Adoption on Wednesday, August 11th. This is a highly interactive presentation with some interesting case studies for anyone trying to expand agile techniques across their company.

SuperPerformance Book Tour

Dave Guerra who I recently joined on an Agile Discussion on his radio show, is promoting a new book he's written called the Superperforming CEO. He'll be in Houston on April 13th at the Westchase Galleria from 7:30 - 11:30AM

Agile and Superformance

I'll be participating in the Superformance podcast series that Corpus Optima has been hosting each week this Sunday (Dec. 20th) at 3:00PM CST. The Superformance series is hosted by Dave Guerra, author of Superformance: New Profound Knowledge for Corporate Leaders and

Agile Update

Although it's been awhile since I've posted on this Blog, I've been presenting at a number of conferences and user groups on a number of topics that should be of interest to fellow agile practitioners.

Agile Adoption across the Organization

One of the more frequent questions I'm asked is "how long does it take to become agile?". Like all techniques there is a learning curve and this article talks about the curve and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

What's in a Demo?

Most people familiar with agile and iterative development techniques know that every iteration or sprint should end with a Demo, however, there is little guidance on how a Demo should be delivered. This piece offers some suggestions on how to maximize the effect of your demos.